Why We Shouldn’t Just Think of Christmas in Sanitized Images


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Holiday cheer is all around me, from the Dean Martin music playing at the mall to the giant inflatable snowman in front of the house down my street. A few years ago as I was preparing to teach a Sunday school lesson on Revelation and Jesus as a conquering Warrior Messiah, dripped in blood and destroying his enemies, it felt somewhat inappropriate for that time of year.

Shouldn’t I have taken a break from the Apocalypse to highlight the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay? Wasn’t there something kind of, well, unseasonable about teaching, at this time of year, about a Christ who bears a sword and a cosmic entourage, who prepares his people a messianic banquet and then prepares for the birds a banquet of the flesh and blood of his enemies (Rev 19:17-19)? It is hard to imagine Tiny…

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