The Fourth Sunday of Advent: What Are We Really Waiting For?

Daily Theology

advent candlesThe fourth and final candle is lit. The stockings are hung. The trees are up. The planes have landed.

In the words of Joni Mitchell:

It’s coming on Christmas.

They’re cutting down the trees.

They’re putting up reindeer and singing songs of joy and peace.

And I do wish I had a river to skate away on. Personally, it has been a difficult Advent this year. Like many of our Daily Theology contributors as well as many of its faithful readers I am in the middle of The Dissertation. Currently The Dissertation stands as the central symbol of all my personal anxieties and struggles. Working on this seemingly unconquerable tome as brought me into a different kind of Advent experience than I’ve ever had before. It has been more visceral and liminal. And, unfortunately, no amount of Christmas carols, stocking stuffers, or spiked eggnog is going to bring it to…

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